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Verivide Color Assessment Cabinets Image

Verivide Color Assessment Cabinets


For the visual assessment of color under controlled, standard light conditions.

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Product Details

Cabinets incorporate a digital control panel, which includes features such as auto sequence, servicing indicator, warm up, power save, data recording and optional dimming. The new look control panel, is also ergonomically designed to allow the user more comfort. Illuminants can be chosen as follows:

  • D65 VeriVide ""Artificial Daylight"" fluorescent lamps conforming to Standard Illuminant D6500. 
  • D652 Additional level of ""Artificial Daylight"" for colors of low reflectance factor.
  • TL83 & 84 Philips Triphosphor fluorescent lamps. Often chosen as a ""Point of Sale"" illuminant.
  • F Filament (domestic) lighting and as a test for metamerism.
  • UV Ultra Violet light to reveal the presence of fluorescent dyes and bleaches.

Ordering Information

  • G210A

    VeriVide Color Assessment Cabinet CAC60

  • G210A5

    VeriVide Color Assessment Cabinet CAC60-5

  • G210B

    VeriVide Color Assessment Cabinet CAC120

  • G210B5

    VeriVide Color Assessment Cabinet CAC120-5

  • G210GS

    Spare Lamps CAC150-5

  • G210J

    45 Degree Fixed Table for Color Assessment Cabinet

  • 300215

    Spare Lamps CAC60

  • 300216

    Spare Lamps CAC60-5

  • 300218

    Spare Lamps CAC120

  • 300219

    Spare Lamps CAC120-5

  • 300220

    Spare Lamps CAC150

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