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Six filling stripes with 2-inch repeat: Filament Acetate, Bleached Cotton, Spun Nylon 6.6, Spun Polyester, Spun Acrylic and Worsted Wool.


SDL Atlas thoroughly tests all multifiber to ensure conformity and consistency from batch to batch to provide our customers with the utmost confidence in their standards-based testing.


200883   115 cm wide - per Meter


403724   2" x 2" FA Heat Sealed - 500 pieces

403725  2" x 2" FA Cold Cut - 500 pieces

401725   2" x 2" FA Over Cast- 1000 pieces


300294   2" x 4" FA Heat Sealed - 1000 pieces

300292   2" x 4" FA Cold Cut - 1000 pieces

401718   2" x 4" FA OverCast- 1000 pieces


300297   2" x 6" FA Heat Sealed - 1000 pieces

300295   2" x 6" FA Cold Cut - 1000 pieces

300296   2" x 6" FA OverCast- 1000 pieces


For more information about SDL Atlas Test Materials, please view our comprehensive Test Materials Brochure

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