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Universal Pilling Assessment Viewer Image

Universal Pilling Assessment Viewer


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Product Details

The Pilling Assessment Viewer (PAV) has been developed to adhere to all three parts of BN EN ISO 12945 standards and is ideal for assessing pilling on fabrics and garments.

PAV conforms to all three parts of ISO 12945 and test methods:

• Part 1: ICI Pilling box method (BS 5811)
• Part 2: Modified Martindale method (SN 198 525)
• Part 3: Atlas random tumble method (ASTM D 3512-96)
Other test methods can also be viewed, including those specified by major retailers.

The PAV uses CIE D65 Artificial Daylight, as specified by the ISO 12945 standard and by major retailers. Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) is also available if it is required.

Suitable for: *Martindale Pilling *ICI Pilling *ICI Snagging *Random Tumble Pilling *Brush/Sponge Pilling. The Pilling Assessment Viewer accepts the modified Martindale specimen head, enabling the fabric to be assessed while still mounted on the head.

Ordering Information

  • M227PAV

    Universal Pilling Assessment Viewer

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