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Textender Image



Static Elongation Instrument

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Product Details

The Textender is designed to evaluate the stretch, recovery, and growth properties of fabrics, especially those used in sportswear and athleisure clothing.


Stretch and recovery testing is used to determine the stretch, comfort and fit of a fabric, as well as understanding how well the fabric returns to its original condition after being stretched.


The Textender meets both the ASTM D2594 and ASTM D3107 standards which historically require 2 different testers. The new design also meets the modified requirements of a number of renowned retailers of knitted and woven fabrics made from stretch yarns.

Image Description

Ordering Information

  • 109124

    Textender - 6 Test Stations with Wheeled Base Support

  • 109186

    Wheeled Support Base for Textender

  • 109157

    Textender Wall Mounting Frame, 3 test stations

  • 109159

    Weight for Textender, 8 lbs

  • 109160

    Weight for Textender, 3 lbs

  • 109161

    Weight for Textender, 1 lb

  • 109162

    600 mm Steel Ruler for Textender

  • 109166

    Textender Stretch Measuring Ruler for ASTM D2594

  • 109168

    Textender Bench Marking Template for ASTM D2594 & ASTM D3107

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