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Scott Crease Flex Tester Image

Scott Crease Flex Tester


Determines the degree of finish peeling, crazing, and raveling due to roll flexing

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Product Details

The tester features adjustable clamp distance, stroke length, and test load to meet a variety of test specifications. One set of clamps oscillates perpendicular to the clamps that apply the pressure to the specimens. Set the clamp distance prior to installing specimens. Zero the stroke when clamping the specimens.

The clamps that apply pressure are then cranked towards the oscillating clamps to apply the prescribed force. The force applied to the specimen is indicated by either the standard spring gauge or the highly recommended load cell option. The test is started after the required number of cycles is entered in the count-up controller. Upon completion of the test, the specimens are inspected for signs of visible damage.

Scott Crease Flex Tester Features:

  • Mechanical components constructed of aluminum and solid stainless steel
  • Durable powder coat and anodized finishes
  • Precision ball and needle bearings
  • Programmable count-up controller with automatic stop
  • Adjustable jog and test speed controls
  • Adjustable stroke and clamp distance
  • Optional load cell interface for monitoring test force on specimen during test
  • Vented protective cover protects operator hands from pinch points
  • Supply voltages vary and must be specified at time of purchase
  • High quality brushless electric motors

Ordering Information

  • 204752

    Scott Crease Flex Tester 110 V

  • 204753

    Scott Crease Flex Tester 220 V

  • 204754

    Load Washer and Digital Display for Scott Crease Flex Tester

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