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Safety testing equipment for Snaps, Buttons and Other Garment Attachments

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Product Details

The Snap Tester is used to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong-ring attached snap fasteners onto garments. The instrument consists of an Upper Snap Clamp, a Lower Fabric Clamp and Force Gauge mounted on a stand. The snap component is gripped by the Upper Snap Clamp and the garment is fixed to the Lower Fabric Clamp. By turning the Top Flywheel, the operator can apply a specific force and the holding force or the breaking strength can be recorded.


The Snap Tester has become a standard for safety testing in children and infant garments. Nike, AMC, Target, Federated, C&A, Hennes & Mauritz and GAP have specifically adopted the tester throughout their supply chains. 


The standard package complies with the test requirements of most retailers. Please contact a member of the SDL Atlas sales team for configuration options to meet your specific needs. 


Ordering Information

  • G201AA

    Snap Tester

  • 107109

    YKK Lower Fabric Clamp - Rubber Cushion (Ligne 12-16)

  • 105290

    Upper Snap Clamp (Capacity 100 lb)

  • 105295

    Upper Stud Clamp (Capacity 100 lb)

  • 105338

    Extended Peg Hook

  • 105339

    Zipper Pull Tab Test Fixture

  • 105328

    Seam Clamp 4" with Screw Connector

  • 105356

    Two Pronged Clamp with Screw Connector

  • 105329

    4WR Locker Plier

  • 105304

    Vise for Snap Tester

  • 105313

    Special Back Plate for SafQ Stand

  • 105341


  • 107213

    Lower Grasp Button Kit Ligne 16-30

  • 108357

    Metal Wire Fixture for Trousers Hook

  • 108509

    Non-Stretchable Thin Strap for Bar (10 Meter Roll)

  • 108508

    Non-Stretchable Rope for Eyelet (10 Meter Roll)

  • 105272

    Small Parts Cylinder (Metal)

  • 105273

    Small Parts Cylinder (Plastic)

  • 105227

    Small Balls Fixture

  • 105342

    ASTM Sharp Point Tester with Weight

  • 201905

    Torque Clamp Model 9 BTG

  • 105335

    Torque Clamp (Central Screw Type)

  • 201944

    Table Vise

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