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Pad-Steam Range (Model PS-JS) Image

Pad-Steam Range (Model PS-JS)


Heavy duty padder with stand, for all dyeing, impregnating and padding process.

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Product Details

Suitable for carrying out all PAD-STEAM processes with saturated steam, offers the shortest distance between padding mangle and steaming chamber.

The range mainly comprises:

  • Horizontal type with two padding rollers, pneumatic pressure application.
  • Steaming chamber with fabric holding capacity of 6 M, with double glazed visual window.
  • Adjustable fabric speed control, standard dwell time inside the steaming chamber from 20-120 sec with digital indication type.
  • Chemicals trough provided about 500 cc capacity with automatic drop-off and spray washing.
  • Water sealed bath with temperature regulator for automatic cooling control.
  • Temperature range between 98℃ and 102℃ with digital type.
  • Option for Steam generator.
  • On request PS-JS can be combined with 4~5 section washing machine.
  • Max. 600 mm working width is available on request.

Ordering Information

  • 105219

    Pad-steam Range (Model PS-JS)

  • G265

    Silent Laboratory Compressor (Optional)

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