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Laboratory Conditioning Chambers Image

Laboratory Conditioning Chambers


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Product Details

For the conditioning of samples prior to testing, provides conditions from 20% to 98% RH ± 2 and 0°C to 94°C ± 0.5°C.


Three capacities available:

1.5 cu.ft/42 liters, Internal   Height      Width      Depth
                                          325 mm   350 mm   325 mm
                                         13 inch     14 inch     13 inch

5 cu.ft/165 liters, Internal   Height      Width      Depth 
                                           600 mm   500 mm   450 mm 
                                           24 inch     20 inch     18 inch 

10 cu.ft/280 liters, Internal    Height      Width      Depth 
                                            750 mm   600 mm   600 mm 
                                           30 inch     24 inch     24 inch  


Provided with: - Manual Digital Set - Digital Indicating Controller for temperature and humidity. Stainless steel shelf - 2 positions. Forced air circulation. 2 inch access port and plug on left wall. Self contained heating, refrigeration and steam generator humidifier. Vapour - tight welded stainless steel interior.


Optional Extras: 2 - channel automatic programmer with ramp and soak facilities. Self contained recirulating humidity system with 6 gallon (24 liter) reservoir - (eliminates need for piped de-ionized or de-mineralized water). Extra stainless steel shelf.


Note: Custom-designed and built chambers of any required capacity up to room size, with conditions down to - 20°C are available, quotations on request.

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