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Hand Operated Sample Carder Image

Hand Operated Sample Carder


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Product Details

This new, improved model has two ratios for even more flexibility and control when carding and blending:
Use the 6:1 ratio to prepare your fleece. The controlled intake and carding will produce a smooth even batt ready for blending, spinning or felting.
Use the 4:1 ratio to blend sliver, colors and different fiber types consistently into an open and airy batt.
The Drum Carder has adjustable drum clearance so you can change it to suit the fiber. 50 gm of carded fiber can be produced per batt. The card cloth is rust-proof.
It comes assembled with a Danish Oil finish.
  • Diameter of large drum 190mm (7.5″)
  • Card cloth – fine 72. points/inch
  • Ratio of large to small drum 4:1
  • Length of batt 600mm (24″)
  • Weight 6.5Kg (14.5lb)
Now Includes Packer Brush and Cleaning Brush

Ordering Information

  • 200978

    Hand Operated Sample Carder

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