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Feather Touch Digital Thickness Tester Image

Feather Touch Digital Thickness Tester


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Product Details

Accurately measures thickness of textiles, non-wovens, technical fabrics and many other materials. Using specific diameter presser foot (feeler) and mass (weight) it can measure according to ASTM D1777, ISO 5084, D1621, D5199, D461, D751-06, D3652, ISO 9863-1, ISO 964-1 (2 kPa only) and many other international testing standards.

Supplied with a 9.5 mm diameter presser foot and 143 g mass. This configuration is designed to measure according to the ASTM D1777-2 and D751-06 specifications. Optional presser foot diameters and related weights are available and custom sizes can be supplied to accommodate your specifications. Refer to the details below.

The certified digital indicator includes 3 SPC data output formats, English or Metric display, auto power-off, and a left-hand lifting lever. The indicator is fitted on an 8 inch (200 mm) tall column to allow the indicator to be raised or lowered to accommodate different size test specimens. The 6"x6"x 2" (150 x 160 x 50 mm) laboratory grade certified granite base offers a smooth and extremely hard reference plane for precise and repeatable measurements.

For those requiring data output for recording and quality documentation purposes, a serial output cable and windows-based software program is optionally available.

Ordering Information

  • 205080

    Feather Touch Digital Thickness Tester for ASTM 1777 Option 1

  • 205081

    Feather Touch Digital Thickness Tester for ASTM 1777 1&2

  • 205082

    Feather Touch Digital Thickness Tester for ASTM 1777 Option 1.2.5

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