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Gakushin Color Fastness/Rubbing Tester Image

Gakushin Color Fastness/Rubbing Tester


For evaluating a material's resistance to rubbing motion.

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Product Details

Unit is a six station, bench-top machine which includes clamps for sample attachment to moving platen and clams for weighted rubbing arm for attachment of rubbing material.


Cycle counter automatically stops machine at end of test cycles.


Test samples are visually evaluated.


Includes two sets of test heads (6 heads each set) weighing 200 g and 500 g each, complete set of weights (6 each) of 100 g, 300 g, 400 g and 800 g which fit either test head.


Each test arm is counterbalanced to offset arm weight.


Suitable for dry and wet rubbing tests.

Ordering Information

  • 301062

    Gakushin Colorfastness Rubbing Tester 110 V

  • 403165

    Gakushin Flat Plate

  • 204709

    Gakushin Rub Heads - 200 Grams

  • 204710

    Gakushin Rub Heads - 500 Grams

  • 204711

    Gakushin Weights- 300 Grams

  • 204712

    Gakushin Weights- 500 Grams

  • 204713

    Gakushin Weights- 800 Grams

  • 204714

    Gakushin Weights- 1200 Grams

  • 204715

    Gakushin Weights Tray

  • 401976

    Gakushin Colorfastness Rubbing Tester 220 V

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