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6 Station Dry Fog Tester Image

6 Station Dry Fog Tester


For simulating environments where fogging may occur

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Product Details

The Made in the USA fog tester uses six beakers to accommodate a range of test samples and permits the use of less expensive square glass plates for all tests. The cooling and heating systems use reliable solid state technologies to eliminate the mess and expense of thermal fluids while still providing excellent thermal control and maximum uptime.

Solid state silicon heaters give you the reliability and dependability you need and expect. Clear digital displays allow the operator to see the test status. The hinged pop-up lid makes for easy test setup, sample change over, and clean up time. This results in a lower competitive purchase price, dependable operation and lower operating costs.

The operating specifications include dry heated test wells with a range of 50°C to 120°C, Condensing plates with a temperature range of 20°C to 40°C. The set points are calibrated to within 0.5°C and the set point repeatability is ± 0.2°C.  


Required Test Materials include beakers, seals, rings, and glass plates and are NOT included


Dry Test Environment

  • Oil-free design– No expensive thermal fluids
  • Use 400ml (with adapter) and 1 liter beakers
  • Quick sample change-over, no need for cleanup
  • Low operating costs
  • Safely change over test samples without oil burns
  • Small desktop footprint

Ordering Information

  • 204788

    6 Station Dry Fog Tester - 220 V

  • 204789

    6 Station Dry Fog Tester - 110 V

  • 204790

    Glass Test Plate Holding Rack - small

  • 204791

    Glass Test Plate Holding Rack - large

  • 204792

    Shipping Crate for Dry Fog Tester

  • 204793

    Shipping Crate for Hart Dry Fog Tester

  • 204794

    Desiccant Cabinet

  • 204795

    6 Station Cooler

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