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June 19, 2023

MMT Celebrates 20 Years of Moisture Management Testing

SDL Atlas is proud to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of it’s signature instruments, the MMT Moisture Management Tester

Developed in 2003, the MMT measures the liquid management properties of performance, technical and nonwoven fabrics by simultaneously measuring the liquid transport through a fabric and on both faces.

One 2-minute test gives a comprehensive profile of a fabric’s performance, producing the following data:

  • Overall Moisture Management Capability
  • Accumulative One-Way Transport Capability
  • Wetting Time for top and bottom surfaces
  • Absorption Rate for top and bottom surfaces
  • Max Wetted Radius for top and bottom surfaces
  • Spreading Speed for top and bottom surfaces

In 2009, AATCC Committee RA63 developed Test Method 195: Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics, which specifically cited the MMT as the Apparatus for performing the test method. This same year, GB/T 21655.2: Textiles - Evaluation of absorption and quick-drying - Part 2 - Method for moisture management tests was also developed using the MMT. These test methods have been the benchmarks for the measurement, evaluation and classification of liquid moisture management properties of textile fabrics since.

The MMT underwent a makeover in 2014. The new open design with a metal housing not only looked more stylish, but allowed greater access to the test area and making routine cleaning of the test sensors easier. A new motorized upper sensor and sample positioning light made the test procedure simpler as well.

In 2020, the Stretch Fabric Fixture was introduced to allow for testing elastic fabrics, particularly those used in athletic clothing, swimwear and undergarments, on the MMT. The fixture allows the percentage of stretch to be easily adjusted to the user’s requirements (up to 50% stretch). Once the percentage of stretch is set, the sample is clamped into place with a Clamping Ring, removed from the fixture and placed directly onto the MMT’s test area for moisture management testing.

Today, the MMT is trusted by hundreds of textile and nonwoven customers worldwide to perform their moisture management testing.

“While the MMT has been around for 20 years, it is still considered an innovative test instrument, the standard for moisture management testing in fact,” said Chuck Lane, president of SDL Atlas. “The measurements that the MMT performs goes far beyond basic wicking, giving our customers the confidence needed to design products to meet the exact needs of their end users.”

Committed to providing customers confidence in standard based testing, SDL Atlas has offices and experts in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China, plus agents serving over 100 countries, SDL Atlas is ready to support its customers with instruments, test materials, and services anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit or contact an SDL Atlas solutions expert:

-           (US) T: +803-329-2110; E: [email protected]

-           (Hong Kong) T: +852 3443 4888; E: [email protected] 

-           (China) T: +86 755 2671 1168; E: [email protected]  

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