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A Rich Tradition of Expertise

Our customers can be assured that they are making informed decisions based on accurate test results. SDL Atlas is the product of the unification of several respected manufacturers and distributors of innovative and quality testing instruments and consumables. By combining the strength and knowledge of these inventive companies, SDL Atlas has grown into the largest and most complete global source of textile testing, quality control and laboratory equipment.

For over 90 years, the SDL Atlas companies have been providing confidence in standard based testing through expertise and global partnering.

SDL  International
Textile Innovators
SDL Atlas

The result is a company that has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the textile testing industry and standards organizations.

This enables SDL Atlas to bring a broad line of high quality products that meet industry and retailer standards. With offices on three continents and representatives in over 100 countries, SDL Atlas stands ready to assist with your testing requirements.

Innovative Testing Technology History



AATCC specified the Launder-Ometer as the only approved colorfastness to washing instrument for over 50 years.

QuickWash Plus

QuickWash Plus

The Quickwash Plus gives fabric shrinkage information in a 12-15 minute test versus the 8-12 hours it takes a standard washer and dryer.

Snap Tester

Snap Tester

The SnapRite is a motorized instrument for determining the holding or breaking strength of snap fasteners onto garments.



The MMT is the only instrument on the market that can precisely measure the liquid management properties of performance and technical fabrics, ensuring the comfort and protection that consumers demand. 



The innovative FTT measures skin touch properties of textiles objectively and quantitatively.

Vortex M6

Vortex M6

Designed to meet AATCC Monograph M6, the Vortex M6 is a top loading washing machine engineered specifically for laboratory use.

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