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December 18, 2014

SDL Atlas Launches 2nd Generation MMT

SDL Atlas, a global leader in textile testing solutions, is excited to introduce the 2nd generation of the MMT® Moisture Management Tester. The new design offers an attractive new look while incorporating several improvements. 

The open design for the test area allows the use of larger samples and even a portion of a completed garment to be tested. It also makes routine cleaning of the test sensors easier. The metal housing makes the instrument more robust, while a new motorized upper sensor and sample positioning light make the test procedure even simpler. 

“While the MMT has been around for a number of years, it is still considered an innovative test instrument,” said Chuck Lane, president of SDL Atlas. “We feel the improvements in this 2nd generation model will make the MMT a feature instrument in any laboratory.”

The SDL Atlas MMT measures the moisture management properties of knitted, woven, and nonwoven fabrics by measuring the liquid transport through a fabric and on both faces. Measurements include absorption rate, one-way transport, wetting time of top and bottom faces, maximum wetted radius on both surfaces, and an overall moisture management capacity.

 “Today’s performance-driven markets require vendors to provide products that adequately transport moisture throughout the structure in order to keep the wearer comfortable,” said John Crocker, SDL Atlas business development manager. “Vertical and Horizontal wicking tests historically used in the industry simply do not provide enough information to make a realistic claim for the market.”

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