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SDL Atlas


TE101Test method #101, Cotton Oily Soil135 cm wide
TE103Test method #103, Wash Strip, 12 cm x 12 cm10 pieces of 221, 101, 111, 112, 116, 115, 222 & 114
TE104Test method #104, Polyester/Cotton Oily Soil147 cm wide
TE105Test method #105, Combination Strip15 cm x 15 cm
TE106Test method #106, Carbon black/mineral160 cm wide
TE107Test method #107, Wool w/ EMPA standard soiling100 cm wide
TE111Test method #111, Cotton: Blood80 cm wide
TE112Test method #112, Cotton: Cocoa, Milk, Sugar160 cm wide
TE114Test method #114, Cotton: Red Wine80 cm wide
TE115Test method #115, Bleach Test Cloth135 cm wide
TE116Test method #116, Cotton: Blood, Milk, Ink160 cm wide
TE117Test method #117, Polyester/Cotton: Blood, Milk, Ink147 cm wide
TE211Test method #211, Cotton Percale145 cm wide
TE213Test method #213, Polyester/Cotton Fabric 65/35 bleached150 cm wide
TE221Test method #221, Cotton Fabric, bleached w/o optical170 cm wide

Polka Dot Mechanical Action Fabric

TE306Test method #306, low to mid range34 x 34 cm
TE307Test method #307, low to mid range17 x 17 cm
TE308Test method #308, mid to high range34 x 34 cm
TE309Test method #309, mid to high range17 x 17 cm